New Year's Eve Explodibration!  Celebrating EVERY time zone's New Year!

Every Time Zone NYE Celebration!

New Year's Eve Explodibration!

I know you've wanted to nuke me for a long time.  Well I've crafted a fun way to ring in the New Year by tossing some "fireworks" my direction.

Join me a little before the worlds earliest time zone rockets into 2022.  That's 9:30am UTC, 2:30am for me, and 11:30pm for the Line Islands.  We'll continue on until every person on Earth has stepped into the new year.

Check out the menu of pain you'll be able to inflict and each passing of midnight we'll replay all those explosions to celebrate!

Chat Affects the Game

  • Speak to Trees!
    • The more you chat the more the trees regrow!
  • Follow for Flee!
    • Keep me moving by tossing a grenade when you follow!
  • Bits for Bombs!
    • 5 - 99 bits: every 5 bits tosses a grenade my way!
    • 100 - 499 bits: every 25 bits tosses a cluster grenade at me!
    • 500+ bits: every 500 bits launches a full on nuke!
    • Tips will be converted to their equivalent bits.
  • Subs are Super!
    • Subs for yourself or others each launch a nuke for each month purchased!
    • Tier 2 and 3 multiply by 2x and 5x!
  • Raids are Rad!
    • Every 5 raiders will arrive with their very own nuke!

The Explodibration

When it's time for each time zone to welcome in 2022, every event that happened since the last, will happen again!
(At least 1 nuke will launch for each celebration.)


Resources used to compile time zones: