Butts In Space!

Butts In Space!

Your favorite buttheads are back at it.  This time we're wrecking the whole galaxy!


Join us on Wednesday nights at 10pm MST / 11pm MDT (4am / 5 am UTC).
Twitch.tv - nIronwolf
Twitch.tv - DigitalDisappointment

Mod list

Overhaul - Space Exploration

AAI Containers & Warehouses by Earendel
AAI Industry by Earendel
AAI Signal Transmission by Earendel
Alien Biomes by Earendel
Alien Biomes Hight-Res Terrain by Earendel
Grappling Gun by Earendel
Informatron by Earendel
Jetpack by Earendel
Robot Attrition by Earendel
Shield Projector by Earendel
Space Exploration by Earendel

Overhaul - Krastorio 2

Krastorio 2 by raiguard
Krastorio2 Extended Endgame by AtlasCorp


Armoured Biters by CybranM
Big-Monsters by MFerrari


Bob's Adjustable Inserters by Bobingabout
Fluid Must Flow by raiguard
Mouse-over Construction by raiguard
Outpost Planner for 1.1 by ChucklesTheBeard
Quality of Life research - Krastorio 2 (By: JATMN) by jatmn
Quick Item Search by raiguard
RPG System by MFerrari
Schall Recipe Scaling by Schallfalke
VehicleSnap by Zaflis


Realistic Ores by ouk_ouk

User Interface

Better Alert Arrows by raiguard
Blueprint Tools by raiguard
Construction Planner by ceresward
Cursor Enhancements by raiguard
Even Distribution by 321freddy
GUI Unifyer by snouz
Helmod: assistant for planning your base. by Helfima
Improved Research Queue by sonaxaton
Module Inserter by Choumiko
Placement Guide by raiguard
Rate Calculator by raiguard
Recipe Book by raiguard
Stats GUI by raiguard
Tapeline by raiguard


Game Save

Want to play along?  Here is our initial save file.