Go BIG or Go HOME!

Go BIG or Go HOME!

Factorio series with DigitalDisappointment

Mod list


5Dims (Incl.: Automate Fuel & Ammo, Decoration, New Automatization, New Battlefield, New Bot Recaller, New Compatibility, New Core, New Enemies, New Energy, New Equipment, New Infinte Research, New Locales, New Logistic, New Mining, New Module, New Nuclear, New Ores, New Resources, New Storage, New Trains, and New Transport McGuten's Factorio Mod Page
Resource Spawner Overhaul by orzelek
Rocket-Silo Construction by MFerrari


Deadlock 5Dims Integrations by billbo99
Category Integration for 5Dim by nIronwolf
Disco Science bridge for 5Dim by nIronwolf


Big-Monsters by MFerrari
Rampant by Veden
Rampant Arsenal by Veden
Shall Endgame Evolution by Schallfalke


AAI Containers & Warehouses by Earendel
Bob's Adjustable Inserters by Bobingabout
Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders by shannemadden
Death Markers by kovus
Even Distribution by 321freddy
Jetpack by Earendel
Module Inserter by Choumiko
Quality of Life Research by Aidiakapi
RPG System by MFerrari
Santa's Nixie Tube Display by lovely_santa
Spidertron Tiers by Zangeti
TinyStart by Yehn


Alien Biomes (High-Res Terrain) by Earendel (High-Res Terrain)
Dectorio by PantherX
Dirt Path by Mylon
Disco Science by danielbrauer
Enhanced Map Colors by osldgoth
Honk by GotLag
Inbuilt Lighting by muppet9010
Realistic Flashlight by invisus
Realistic Heat Glow by max2344
Realistic Ores by ouk_ouk
Realistic Reactor Glow by ouk_ouk
Requirement of having lamps is not heavily enforced as they are generally the most useless fixtures. However, distributing high amount of them all over the factory no longer looks like such a pointless exercise, after the night stoped appearing so ridiculously inconsequantial. by ouk_ouk


Assembly Analyst by Therenas
Helmod: assistant for planning your base. by Helfima
Improved Research Queue by sonaxaton
Not Enough Todo - NET by LuziferSenpai
Rate Calculator by raiguard
Recipe Book by raiguard


Game save files

GoBIGorGoHOME.zip First attempt starting file.
GoBIGorGoHOME-V2.zip Second attempt starting file.