Ironwolf Plays Nullius

Ironwolf Plays Nullius

In this Factorio "prequel" we'll be playing as an advanced android sent out to terraform a new world and seed it with life!

It will be on rotation for solo streams. - nIronwolf

Read on for the mod list and downloads.


Mod list


Nullius by anachrony
Advanced Fluid Handling by staplergun
Alien Biomes by Earendel
Alien Biomes Hight-Res Terrain by Earendel
Angel's Smelting by Arch666Angel
Angel's Petrochemical Processing by Arch666Angel
Angel's Refining by Arch666Angel
Bob's Logistics mod by Bobingabout
Bob's Adjustable Inserters by Bobingabout
Dirt Path by Mylon
Discovery Tree by Villfuk02
I, Robot by Pi-C
Induction Charging by Raeon
Informatron by Earendel
Miniloader by therax
Safe Waterfill by anachrony
Text Plates by Earendel
Warehousing Mod by anoyomouse

User Interface

Better Alert Arrows by raiguard
Blueprint Tools by raiguard
Color-Coded Planners by raiguard
Construction Planner by ceresward
Cursor Enhancements by raiguard
Even Distribution by 321freddy
GUI Unifyer by snouz
Helmod: assistant for planning your base. by Helfima
Improved Research Queue by sonaxaton
Module Inserter by Choumiko
Mouse-over Construction by raiguard
Placement Guide by raiguard
Quick Item Search by raiguard
Rate Calculator by raiguard
Recipe Book by raiguard
Stats GUI by raiguard
Tapeline by raiguard
Task List by raiguard


Game Saves

Want to play along?  Here is our initial save file.

Nullius -

I'll try to post up a save after each session too!



Nullius - Day
Nullius - Day
Nullius - Day
Nullius - Day